The Canada Council for the Arts, and the Rochester International Jazz Festival, teamed up together to bring the "Oh Canada" showcase acress the border to the Rochester Club. Each province throughout the country will be represented by a musical group to show off the best in Canadian music. The Obsessions Octet has the prestige to officially represent Alberta. The group, led by Juno Nominated saxophonist and composer Kent Sangster, has made their mark throughout the world with their fuse of classical, tango, and jazz repertoire. "This is a very honorable opportunity for us, to represent our province", says Joanna Ciapka, violinist and wife of Sangster. The group's performance will be held on June 25th , 2016 at the Rochester Club, and will be recorder by PBS for future broadcast. 


We are back from the amazing Rochester Jazz Festival and we had a wonderful time!! The festival in Rochester, now in its 15th year, has a similar buzz to The Fringe in Edmonton. The venues are all centrall located, streets are closed off, and food trucks and street performers and crowds are everywhere! This year, festival presented more than 1500 artists from 14 different countries in venues and concert halls which 6 of them had 1600 capacity.There were also 4 outdoor stages with one of them presenting music to 50.000 people!  Most performances have lineups around the block prior to the opening of the venue, and our two performances in the elegant Rochester Jazz Club (formerly a ballroom) were full to capacity, with many patrons standing at the back of the room for the duration, since all the seats and tables had been taken. We were filmed for national broadcast (some time in the fall) by a PBS crew which was easily twice the size of the Octet! Back at the hotel, where shuttle buses were arriving and departing every 15 minutes loaded to maximum with every imaginable configuration of musicians and their instruments, the octet gained the dubious distinction of being the Band that Closed Down the Newfie-run Hospitality Suite, several hours after the late night jam session had ended. We were very honoured to represent Alberta both on and off stage, and we are deeply grateful to Rochester International Jazz Festival for inviting us to attend, and to the Canada Council for its support. RONDA and JOANNA