REVERENCE is the 4th CD released by the Obsessions Octet. This release documents four new original compositions along with works by Canadian composers Allan Gilliland and Chris Andrew, as well as works by Krzysztof Komeda and Maria Schneider.
Reverence is a reflection of many significant life and artistic experiences we have had with Obsessions Octet.
Reverence is dedicated in memory of Bob and Marilynn Sangster, thank you! we do hope you enjoy the music and the many directions this may take you, after all it is all about the journey!

This is our most diversified recording so far, and promises some familiar sounds as well as new ones to explore. Half of it was recorded in Poland, after our European Tour 2017 in Gdansk, and the other half was finished in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in June 2018. Feel free to contact us with your thoughts about our albums, questions or suggestions.