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Obsessions String Quartet

We are the part of Obsessions Octet. 

Joanna, Ronda, Yue, Leanne

Obsessions String Quartet

Obsessions String Quartet was founded in 2005 as an extension of a previously formed string trio, named Trio Con Brio. Once the Obsessions Octet was created, the string group became an integral part of the octet and the ensemble automatically became Obsessions String Quartet.
The quartet’s repertoire consist of unique string quartet hits such as music by Astor Piazzolla, Kent Sangster, Allan Gilliland, Chris Andrew, Radiohead, Maria Schneider, other tangos and jazz standards, and a few favourites by M.Ravel, A.Dvorak, S.Barber, S.Tsintsadze, Karol Szymanowski and Grazyna Bacewicz. 


Music is our Passion,
our  Everything

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